Why you want to use Himalayan Pink Salt instead of table salt


There are so many reasons why you want to use Himalayan pink salt instead of table salt or even sea salt.  Himalayan salt is mined in some of the oldest caves that are millions of years old, because of this the salt is purer and untouched unlike table salt that is highly processed and only contains a couple of minerals.  Himalayan salt contains 60-80 trace minerals that are essential to our health, promotes PH balance in our body, controls water levels and it even promotes healthier sleep patterns. Also, Himalayan salt is less saltier than table salt in a grinder. Himalayan salt does contain small amounts of iodine but you can always supplement iodine by using Wakame seaweed, the kind that comes in miso soup. Of course, you still want to maintain the daily recommended amounts of salt intake. You can even get bottled water now with small amounts of Himalayan salt.

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