Why you don’t want to eat fermented foods and what you should eat

water kefir

These days fermented foods like Kimchi are all the craze, people are putting it in everything they eat and putting lot’s of it.  Why you don’t want to eat fermented foods: Kimchi is very salty as is Sauerkraut , if you have ever had dinner at a Korean restaurant you would see that they give you this tiny portion of Kimchi in a tiny tiny dish, it’s because it’s only meant to be eaten in small portions but with the western mentality we usually end up going over board  and putting loads of it on burgers, hot dogs, on everything and end up with high blood pressure! Our ancestors had no choice but to ferment foods, we have a choice to eat fresh vegetables and get our probiotics elsewhere. My grandmother use to eat fermented vegetables and make her own but she only ate a tiny tiny dish of it during a meal.

You can buy probiotic drinks at any grocery store or even make it yourself. Or you can take probiotic pills.

So please skip this trend or eat this once in a blue moon.

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